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Our aim is to be the most respected utilities brokerage in the market.




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We're on a mission to be the most effective and respected utilities brokerage in the market.

Utility Saver has identified, implemented and managed commercial utility savings for 1,000's of organisations across all sectors since 2008 with average savings achieved of 27% year on year.
We take the complexity out of the myriad of options, contracts, price plans, tariffs and conditions on the market while seeking out any anomalies in utility bills to rectify.
Ensuring that our customers can be at their most competitive position is the ultimate objective of the specialist team in Utility Saver. In a nutshell we make businesses more profitable by ensuring that our customers only operate the most competitive utility accounts by utilising our bespoke world-class utility tool Verify100.

7 Reasons to choose Utility Saver


Provision of a completely transparent and impartial service via our 29 mainstream utility partners
Market-leading Service Level Agreement and Price Guarantee
Identification of any errors over-billing or anomalies in your bills which may result in a refund
Specialists in reducing and managing commercial utility costs
Central hub for multiple utilities and we make the entire process as easy as possible
Continued support at all times, not just at the initial/implementation stage
97% customer retention rate year on year. Our service is all about customer care and loyalty and it's our job to ensure that our customers are consistently satisfied

Utility Starter Pack

  • Merchant services with contactless terminals installed by an engineer, accept Apple Pay, next day funding and the most advanced fraud protection available
  • There are no opening/installation charges and we avoid the payment of an energy security deposit (common requirement for the hospitality industry)
  • We ensure that your new energy accounts are set up on the correct tariff, MIC, EAQ, SPC and PSO from the outset which is vital to maximise your saving
  • Utility Saver has developed a cutting-edge Energy Dashboard to implement a six-step methodology to reduce and manage energy costs

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "Fitzers is a Dublin institution and the name is synonymous with elegance and fine food. As a member of the Restaurants Association of Ireland we decided to use the services of their affinity scheme called RAI Power, which is operated by Utility Saver, and this reduced our energy costs by an average of 18%. As we continue to lower our operating costs this enables us to provide an even more competitive offering to our diners in our three restaurants."
    Tony Fitzers, CEO, Fitzers Restaurant Group
  • "Fallon's Bar and Café availed of the services of Utility Saver as part of the Restaurants Association of Ireland affinity scheme RAI Power. We achieved valuable savings for our electricity, natural gas and telecommunications accounts and the overall service was very impressive. In addition, Fallon's Bar and Café are now even more environmentally sustainable as a large percentage of our electricity is sourced from renewable wind power."
    Mary O'Neill, Finance Manager, Fallon's Bar and Café
  • "The Restaurants Association of Ireland has over 500 members nationwide and we pride ourselves on providing an essential service to our restaurateurs. One aspect of being an RAI member is that we facilitate valuable savings by way of reduced costs for our members' most important services. As a result of the industry we operate in we have very high standards and after a highly competitive tender process we decided to partner with Utility Saver at the beginning of 2009. Utility Saver uses technology to provide an independent and free service of reducing electricity, natural gas, telecoms and broadband costs, amongst other services, while also reducing the carbon footprint of our restaurant members. We are delighted with the successes and benefits achieved to date."
    Adrian Cummins, CEO, Restaurants Association of Ireland
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