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Merchant Services

Utility Saver is a leading supplier of merchant accounts to suit every type of business enabling businesses of all types to accept credit and debit cards by chip & pin, contactless, over the phone or online.

Reasons to choose Utility Saver for your merchant account:

  • The most competitive rates available – a commission for credit & charge card transactions or a flat fee for debit card transactions
  • No set-up or install fee
  • All card funds credited to your bank account the next working day
  • Merchant terminals to suit every type of business – desktop, portable or GPRS/mobile
  • Every merchant terminal accepts contactless payments – the card user can pay for their purchase in two seconds with their contactless card. Just tap the card
  • on the terminal and that's it. This results in shorter queues and happier customers
  • A competitive monthly rental charge for your terminal of choice
  • No authorisation fee (some suppliers charge an additional fee meaning the headline rate offered will not be the actual rate charged)
  • No fee for CashBack and Refunds (some suppliers charge for one or both facilities)
  • Free engineer install with full onsite employee training provided
  • Facility to take orders/sales over the phone
  • Online merchant account facility
  • 1 year contract applies (as opposed to some options which consist of a 3-4 year contract or lease)
  • The funds would be in your bank account in 1 working day
  • 24/7 Customer Care for all Service and Support (Customer Support Centre based in Ireland)
  • One monthly statement for all transactions and all currencies for easy reconciliation

Secure payments

Each time a customer pays by card face-to-face (chip & pin or contactless), over the phone or online, that customer places trust in your business with their personal and financial information.

At the same time, you need to be confident that your customer has a valid card and is the genuine cardholder. The (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) PCI DSS is designed to help protect both parties.

Created in 2004 by Visa and MasterCard, the PCI DSS helps ensure that your business is processing and storing customer card data as securely as possible. It is very important that your business is compliant as this will make sure that you are in the best position to prevent a security breach – naturally, we can assist you in becoming compliant.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "Fitzers is a Dublin institution and the name is synonymous with elegance and fine food. As a member of the Restaurants Association of Ireland we decided to use the services of their affinity scheme called RAI Power, which is operated by Utility Saver, and this reduced our energy costs by an average of 18%. As we continue to lower our operating costs this enables us to provide an even more competitive offering to our diners in our three restaurants."
    Tony Fitzers, CEO, Fitzers Restaurant Group
  • "Fallon's Bar and Café availed of the services of Utility Saver as part of the Restaurants Association of Ireland affinity scheme RAI Power. We achieved valuable savings for our electricity, natural gas and telecommunications accounts and the overall service was very impressive. In addition, Fallon's Bar and Café are now even more environmentally sustainable as a large percentage of our electricity is sourced from renewable wind power."
    Mary O'Neill, Finance Manager, Fallon's Bar and Café
  • "The Restaurants Association of Ireland has over 500 members nationwide and we pride ourselves on providing an essential service to our restaurateurs. One aspect of being an RAI member is that we facilitate valuable savings by way of reduced costs for our members' most important services. As a result of the industry we operate in we have very high standards and after a highly competitive tender process we decided to partner with Utility Saver at the beginning of 2009. Utility Saver uses technology to provide an independent and free service of reducing electricity, natural gas, telecoms and broadband costs, amongst other services, while also reducing the carbon footprint of our restaurant members. We are delighted with the successes and benefits achieved to date."
    Adrian Cummins, CEO, Restaurants Association of Ireland
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